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Sweet Justice is a powerhouse band, bringing their high energy show to the most popular clubs and events in & around the Richmond and tri-cities area.  Playing an eclectic collection of classic rock from the 70's and 80's, Sweet Justice has brought their characteristic on point guitar attack, pounding rhythms and tight harmonies to many thousands of people.

Showcasing some of the premier musicians in Central Virginia, and fronted by charismatic lead singer, Beth Justice and her extraordinary vocals, Sweet Justice has enjoyed more than a decade of entertaining their many loyal fans of all ages. Be sure to check the show schedule to see when you may be able to experience SWEET JUSTICE!!!


Beth Justice - Lead Vocals

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Beth Justice started singing in high school. She studied voice in college and has been fronting bands since 1985. Her husky voice will remind you of the styles of Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crowe. Every now and then, she has the tendency to walk out into the crowd while singing her song. She says, "Having fun while expressing the music with emotion and connecting with the audience is what I try to achieve."

Rod McMordie - Bass, Vocals

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Rod McMordie is originally from Winston-Salem, NC. He has been playing bass guitar and singing for 30 years. He toured the East Coast full time in the 80's and 90's with the Rock bands Salems Lot and Gutter Boy, and the Country bands Wildfire and Rockinhorse.

Jon Ward - Drums

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Based out of Richmond, Va., Jon Ward’s life as a drummer began at the age of six years old and it quickly became his life’s work. Music was Jon’s first love as he learned to play all different styles of music. Jon has been part of numerous tours, both on regional and national levels. As a young, aspiring drummer, Jon’s main influences were Alex Van Halen, Chad Sexton, Will Calhoun and Morgan Rose.

Jon Ward’s career as a professional drummer continues to be a busy one. Jon is currently playing drums for WWE superstar and Sony Music label artist Mickie James, who is thriving as a country singer. Jon has been playing for James for a total of two years and is in the studio helping James finish up her latest record.

Jon’s experience also includes playing for rising country star Tony Jackson, who has been labeled as one of the breakout artists of 2016. Jon’s time with Jackson took him all over the Virginia area, playing in front of many sold-out crowds.  Jon was also a former member of Faultline, a modern rock band based out of Richmond. Jon played a key role in the band’s signing with Kim Entertainment, an independent entertainment company/label also based out of Richmond. Faultline’s success led to the release of three records, multiple tours and the band also contributed to the 2012 Orgy Bad Blood National Tour.

Jon uses and endorses Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, GOMC Cases/Ahead Armor cases, Alien Ears IEMs and Shure electronics

Evan Rosenthal - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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Evan's tasteful playing will remind you of some of his favorite musical influences, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.   Music has taken him all over the united states performing in the bands Backstage pass, Nico Wind and Innergy Plus, Splitting Atoms, Street Life, Horizon, Random Play, Crystals Wild Child, Fair Game.  He has an endorsement by Hamer Guitars.


Andrew Heck - Keys, Vocals


Anita Liebs - Photographer and Co Owner Lightworx

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Sam Liebs ~ Light Technician, Owner of Lightworx

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Anita Liebs is the co owner of Lightworx and often assists with the operation!

Anita Liebs is the co owner of Lightworx and often assists with the operation!

Sam Liebs adds the eye candy needed for that visual hearing!  Sam and his wife, Anita run a fantastic lightshow through their company, Lightworx!  An absolute asset to the band! 

Donna Temple & Tim Timberlake - Merchandise

Donna Temple and Tim Timberlake handle all the Sweet Justice Merchandise.

Donna Temple and Tim Timberlake handle all the Sweet Justice Merchandise.

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Eugene Burke - Transportation

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